Had a great opportunity to work with Director Aaron Grimes on his most recent short film project which will be involved with this fall's Adobe MAX Creativity Conference in San Diego. I can't tell you anything about it but here is a little tease! :) 


My summer project was to paint my favorite Tucson scenes. Here are the ones the wife liked enough to hang around the house! Time Market, and that really weird, interesting little alleyway downtown near the Ronstadt Center. This is one paintable city, my friends. 

(acrylic on wood panel - 18" X 24" & 12" X 24")

The Sea Of Cortez

Here are some "Snap Shots" of sorts from my trip to the Sea of Cortez this last weekend. We also read John Steinbeck's Log From the Sea Of Cortez out loud to each other while basking by the waves.

It is such a magical place.  

Acrylic on 6" X 8" canvas


I WON!! 

I was the lucky winner who landed his art on the programs and mailers of the UA PRESENTS 2015-2016 lineup. UA PRESENTS is an organization that brings high-end performances to the Tucson area. My graphic designer friend, Melanie Lewis, and I collaborated on this image that hung outside Centennial Hall for the whole season.


I graduated from the University of Arizona School of Fine Arts in May of 2015. Here is the work from my exiting show. It is digital illustration mixed with photography. The concept centers around Tucson's issues of economic segregation, homelessness, and gentrification.

Thesis statement below.


Even at the expense of losing a larger audience, I still want to talk about my city and my community. It is a place worth making art about and an audience worth making art for. When I think about the world it seems too big. When I watch the news or read the paper it all looks like stories of made up places filled with actors or something. But when I stop and look at the bagger at Albertsons or the bar tender at the Shanty I think to myself “This is really happening, right now.” Being in these people’s lives feels like a huge responsibility and enough of a profound weight. 

I center my images around the issues happening around me. I’m not always sure how to deal with them or how to feel about them or what I can do to change them. Sometimes I get worried about how Tucson is changing so fast, or about how some of its old evils just seem to get worse. Taking snap shots of the places I encounter and drawing into them is cathartic for me. It is a way of recording the fictions happening in my mind that buffer me from reality. I guess even the issues of a big-small town like this make me want to escape into my own made up version of it.  


I always thought it'd be fun to make an illustrated coffee table book of imaginary dwellings. I've always been very jealous of architects. They get to actually walk around in their art. 


So I thought I'd move some old stuff over to the new blog just for fun. Here are some from back in the day. These are graphite drawings that were digitally colored. 


Better late than never, right?  Thanks to all who have been waiting patiently to see more of my artwork! Your interest in my art supports me like you wouldn't believe! More to come!