SCBWI has a monthly online exhibition called DRAW THIS! Here is my submission for February's prompt, "BLUSTERY". In this process series I would like to draw your attention to the second to last and the final stages to see what a difference value and lighting make. Many of us focus on only two steps in our process: 1) Drawing the image and 2) coloring in between the lines. In other words we stop at slide #3 in the series below. This reminds me of the "paint by numbers" kits you could by in craft stores. They gave you a line drawing and a set of paints. Each paint color had a number and each cell in the drawing had a corresponding number labeled inside. When you put all the right colors to the right numbers you had a colored image. When we do this in our own work it makes the coloring stage robotic and tedious. I want to encourage us to push past that to really make the coloring process fun and your own. It's those tasty highlights, reflected highlights and atmospheric lighting ( as shown in slides 4 and 5) that really put the icing on the cake!