FAWN is a story about camaraderie among the outcasts. The characters are marginalized for completely different reasons, but there is a strength of friendship that is forged with those that accept you even when society finds you unacceptable.  

For me FAWN was a chance to tell a story well, visually, frame for frame. By using intimate close-ups or alienating wide shots I wanted to bring you into the character's world.  I wanted you to feel what they were feeling, experience what they were experiencing. 

Dialogue-less story is really interesting to me because it is much harder to to tell a story when there is no dialogue. The easiest way to progress a story is to have a character dictate what they are feeling or what they are going to do next. With a wordless comic you do not have that luxury. 

I wanted the audience to feel like they were watching a film more than they were reading a comic. Reading comics can be a laborious activity. There are confusing frame directions and huge word bubbles that clutter the page.  I wanted my viewer to stop "decoding" what they were looking at and instead just let it come at them. 

Enough talk. I would like you to experience it for yourself. So with that I present you FAWN. Enjoy.