I graduated from the University of Arizona School of Fine Arts in May of 2015. Here is the work from my exiting show. It is digital illustration mixed with photography. The concept centers around Tucson's issues of economic segregation, homelessness, and gentrification.

Thesis statement below.


Even at the expense of losing a larger audience, I still want to talk about my city and my community. It is a place worth making art about and an audience worth making art for. When I think about the world it seems too big. When I watch the news or read the paper it all looks like stories of made up places filled with actors or something. But when I stop and look at the bagger at Albertsons or the bar tender at the Shanty I think to myself “This is really happening, right now.” Being in these people’s lives feels like a huge responsibility and enough of a profound weight. 

I center my images around the issues happening around me. I’m not always sure how to deal with them or how to feel about them or what I can do to change them. Sometimes I get worried about how Tucson is changing so fast, or about how some of its old evils just seem to get worse. Taking snap shots of the places I encounter and drawing into them is cathartic for me. It is a way of recording the fictions happening in my mind that buffer me from reality. I guess even the issues of a big-small town like this make me want to escape into my own made up version of it.